Darrell Plank was a young firefighter

Darrell Plank was a young firefighter killed in the line of duty in May, leaving a wife and 5 small children. Now, his legacy lives on as people donate to support his family. Servants Task Force, a State of Georgia 501c3 organization, is continuing to help by donating all the proceeds from its project. They organized firefighters from several counties and Robins AFB to climb in the Tunnel 2 towers event in June to honor fallen firefighters and announce their efforts to support the Plank Family.  As of July, they have raised almost $6,000, but know Darrell’s family is going to need much more to be able to move forward. 

Steve Rogers, President of Servants Task Force, said, “Representative Shaw Blackmon has a shirt company that has helped us design the “GA Firefighter” shirt with our motto “Family Forged Through Fire” which can be worn by any firefighter, supporter, or family member.  We would like to promote this effort to all firefighters around the state giving them a chance to purchase a shirt to support this family in their time of need.”

Click here for access to the order form to support the Plank family.

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