Membership in GSFA shall be classified as follows:

Active, Active-Retired, Retired, Associate and Sustaining

The classifications and membership dues fees are as follows:

  • ACTIVE. ($25) Any person engaged in the various fire service positions, professional skills, or job classifications of fire departments and State agencies in the State of Georgia. (link to application)
  • ACTIVE-RETIRED. ($25) Any person officially retired from a fire department, agency, or organization. Active Retired members retain voting privileges at the conference. (link to application)
  • RETIRED. ($6) Any person having been a member of the corporation upon being placed on official retired status by any fire department, agency, or organization. This is a non-voting classification. (link to application)
  • ASSOCIATE. ($25) Any person not eligible for active membership but having an interest in or a desire to support the purposes of the organization. This is a non-voting classification. (link to application)
  • SUSTAINING. ($350) Sustaining Members shall be those persons/companies supportive of the fire service and its advancement and improvement. Sustaining members shall include, but are not limited to, those persons involved in commercial sales of products and/or services to government entities and fire departments. Persons holding sustaining membership shall not have voting rights or hold office in corporation. A sustaining membership does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by the Association for companies and their products or services. Sustaining Member Application (link to application)