GSFA New Benefit - Discounted Prescription Medication

GSFA New Benefit – Discounted Prescription Medication

We are constantly searching for ways to add benefits for our members and make your Association stronger and service oriented for all Georgia firefighters.

We have recently reviewed and adopted a prescription discount card program that will allow you, your family members, friends and the community you work in pay less for their prescription medications.  

The company that administers this program is Discount Drug Network (DDN).  This company provides our firefighters with access to negotiated discounts on prescription drugs at 99% of the pharmacies in the U.S. at no cost.  

The program is completely HIPAA compliant and requires no personal information to use the card to get a discount on your prescription.  Using our discount card guarantees that you will pay the lowest cost possible for your prescription (cash price, co-pay or the DDN price).  This card NEVER causes you to pay more for a prescription drug.  Participants can present the card with their prescription at almost any pharmacy in the U.S. and receive a discount.  

THE CARD IS EASY TO USE: The card user can call the toll free number on the card with the name of their prescription and their zip code and a live person at DDN will tell them what pharmacy in their zip code has the lowest negotiated price for their prescription.  The drug can also be looked up online at and it will give the cheapest ten pharmacies to buy the medication, cheapest first.  Once again, no patient information is required and this is a free service.

Prescription Discount Card “How To Information
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Prescription Discount Card-FAQ

An additional benefit of this card is that since the Georgia State Firefighters Association (GSFA) is a “nonprofit” organization, GSFA will receive $1.25 per transaction every time one of our firefighters uses this card.  How is this possible?  Pharmacies pay DDN a transaction fee each time a participant uses the program at their location and DDN passes a portion of that fee along to our organization for sponsoring and administering this program for our firefighters statewide.  It is a “win-win” with you paying less for your prescription medication and your Association gets non-dues revenue to use for programs benefiting you.

Information on this new GSFA member benefit can be found here.  We will begin to get the cards out in the coming weeks along with information that will help you use this card.

Questions, contact:

Richard Howard

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