GFSTC 2016 Rules & Regulations has new proposed changes

The GFSTC 2016 Rules & Regulations has updated their proposed rule changes as of October 10, 2017. These changes are to “205-1-2-.02 Minimum Requirements for Fire Departments“ in sections (4) and (5) from line 287 thru line 321. The red wording is what is proposed as additions and the blue strike-through wording is what is being proposed to remove. The approved rules will become effective January 1, 2018 and the last update became effective January 1, 2016. A big thank you to GSFA members for being active in this process and for your continued assistance to the GFSTC.

Jan Mathis, Administrative Manager of the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council, asks GSFA members to please review the proposed changes and forward any comments you may have to Gordon Henderson ( at the GFSTC office.

Thank you! Please click here to see the document.

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